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We assess your business and work together with you to achieve certification. Certification is a statement of integrity for your suppliers and customers. It sets you apart as a conscientious business partner who adopts best business practices.

Being cybersafe certified is an asset. It adds value for the sale of your business, and shows a reduced risk for insurance purposes.

Cybersafe Audit

Our comprehensive audit identifies the critical digital assets for your organization and assesses the exposure to cyber threats.

Unintentional Internal Threats

Accidental acts by insiders that may negatively affect an organization’s systems, networks, or data, usually resulting from negligence or human error.

Malicious Internal Threats

Deliberate acts perpetrated by insiders intending to gain access to an organisation’s critical information systems.

Malicious External Threats

A deliberate attempt by outsiders to gain unauthorised access to an organisation’s critical information system.
For example, hacks actioned by nation states or cybercriminals attempting to steal sensitive information, or significantly impede a business’s operations

Unintentional External Threats

Threats that accidentally result from the organization’s external interface.