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  • March 11, 2024

If you are a returning viewer, welcome back to the 2nd posts of this month and thank you for your support. For this week, let’s have a look on business critical systems. There are three critical systems:

1. Mission critical systems

These are the systems that are responsible for executing the functions organizations depend on to meet their goals. The failure of this critical system(s) may result in an organization’s complete inability to continue its key operations.

2. Business-critical systems

These are the systems that have specific function in the effective delivery of an organization’s services, but not responsible for the overall operation of the organization. The failure of this critical system(s) does not result in a complete shutdown of the organization’s services, but it impairs or interrupts the services for length of time, resulting in considerable economic loss.

3. Safety-critical systems

These are systems that protect the physical safety of the organization’s personnel and the environment. The failure of this system(s) has the potential for causing damage to the environment or placing human life at risk.

We invite you to do an exercise to list your organization’s critical systems, data and network and we can guarantee it will be a worthwhile exercise to complete. Please note, only share that document with people or organization that you trust. See you soon in the next post.

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