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Welcome back if you have been following our posts for cyber awareness month last month. If you are new to this post series, welcome and thank you for your support.

As you probably realized, IT becomes integral to day-to-day operation of a business, the cost of failing to protect these systems becomes greater. All organizations operate within the limits of their resource constraints.

You may ask, how an organization should allocate its limited resources to cybersecurity? The answer to this question is the allocation will depend to the organization’s size and the nature of its business.

The goal of cybersecurity is to protect Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability or also refer as CIA triad of an organization’s information system.

Let’s look at each of those words.

refers to keeping
sensitive information private and confidential. As you may be aware by now,
information carries great value in the digital world, and organizations need to
ensure sensitive data is protected and only accessible restrictively to
essential individuals.

Integrity refers to the consistency of systems, networks, and data. They are maintained by preventing unauthorized or unintentional alterations and ensuring that the system or data being used as intended when accessed by a user.

Availability refers to the availability of an information system if authorized users can freely access its systems, networks, or data.

In conclusion, cyberattacks are designed to be invincible for as long as possible. The longer the actor has access to your information system, the further they can penetrate your networks and the more being stolen.

We encourage you to conduct a simple check of your cybersecurity posture and this can be access on this link: https://cybersafebusiness.au/csb-services/being-cybersafe/

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