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  • September 21, 2023

The email threats faced by organizations today vary greatly in complexity, volume, and impact.
Here we take a closer look so you can spot the threat before it harms you or your organization.

Spam is any email that arrives in your inbox uninvited. While most spam contains harmless promotional content, some spam emails contain malicious links or attachments developed by cybercriminals.

Clicking or downloading these can lead to identity theft, a ransomware attack or any number of other potentially devastating cyber threats.

These include:

  • A sender address you don’t recognize or doesn’t make sense.
  • An empty ‘To’ address field or one filled with names you don’t know.
  • A send date or time that falls outside normal business hours.
  • A heightened sense of urgency or alarm.
  • Promises of rewards or threats if you do or don’t act.

The sample email highlights clues you can watch for.

Malicious spam can be spotted, however, by recognizing the clues found in most phishing emails.


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